Purchasing Online Home Brewing Supplies in Canada

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Online Homebrewing Supplies in Canada.

Should you buy your homebrewing equipment and ingredients online?

This is a very common question, and there are more pros than cons to purchasing your brewing supplies online. Let's take a look at some of them.


Selection, Availability and Price

Walk into a homebrewing supply and equipment store and you will see a very limited stock of brew kettles due to space limitations. Take a look at the brew pots on Canuck Homebrew Supply, you will see that we do offer them in various sizes, with or without accessories.

For those of you that may be new to homebrewing we have basic stainless steel kettles that may be used when making any of our beer recipe kits. These brew pots have lids, handles, some have graduated markings and some have tri-clad bottoms and are induction ready.

Experienced homebrewers also have quite a selection from which to chose. If you take a look at our Spike Brewing section you will see that these heavy duty brew kettles are ready to have accessories attached, some even come with sight glasses. Other popular choices are the Blichmann Boilermaker G2 and Brewvision kettles.

The selection, availability and cost reasoning also applies to buying beer recipe kits, brewing ingredients, kegging and dispensing equipment, hardware (including stainless steel Tri-Clover fittings) online, plus anything else required in your homebrewing setup.

Worried about buying fresh brewing ingredients online?

Our whole and crushed grains are turned over very frequently due to the amount we sell, which means that YES - the grains will be fresh. The same goes for our hops and yeasts. We get shipments in most days of the week to replenish our inventory, so you know it has not been sitting on a shelf for months waiting to be bought.

How do we keep cost down and still stay competitive? We are able to buy in volume due to our warehouse space, so we are able to get preferred pricing from our suppliers.

Some of our suppliers include Taprite, Micro Matic, Anvil, White Labs Yeasts, Brewer's Best, CM Becker, we even have outdoor burners and complete stainless steel brew kettle sets from Bayou Classic.

Another great feature is that we are never closed. Canuck Homebrew Supply is online 24 hours a day, and we ship from our warehouse Mon. to Fri. (stat holidays excluded). Most items will arrive at your door within 3 - 5 business days, with shipping being FREE on qualifying orders. Please take a look at our shipping policy to see if your order qualifies for FREE shipping.

Customer support is just a click away.


Let's say you have decided to start kegging your beer, you have watched all the videos and read how to do it online. You walk into your local homebrew shop with your list of everything you need. You select the parts needed for the job and think you have grabbed everything, but aren't quite sure about a few things. You ask the only person you see in the store, they may know about the ingredients needed for making beer, but they have no idea about what you need to set up your kegerator.

 At Canuck Homebrew Supply we have a live chat button (it is on the bottom right of your screen during normal business hours) with a real person who is employed by us. Yeah I know, odd isn't it? Most live chat sessions are with someone sitting in a cubicle with a list of standard questions and answers, that has no idea about brewing. We have a dedicated CSR who is a homebrewer himself and has used or know how to use the equipment you see on our website. Mikael is bilingual and he can walk you through your order making sure that you have not forgotten anything. Once your order has been delivered if you still have a couple of questions, use our live chat and Mikael will do his best to quickly answer them.

If Mikael doesn't have an immediate answer to your question (in some cases he may need to contact the manufacturer or our head honcho Barley), he will not keep you hanging on the chat window. He will make sure that he has your correct email and will respond to you once he is able to correctly answer your question.

You may also use our contact form when our live chat is not available and someone will contact you as soon as they are able.



You will need to plan ahead for your next brew day to make sure that your online brewing supplies have arrived.

Another downside to purchasing online homebrewing equipment, ingredients and supplies from Canuck Homebrew Supply is that you never get to meet our great staff.

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