Brew Kettles and Mash Tuns

Brew Kettles and Mash Tuns

Home brewing kettles and mash tuns are the heart and soul of any homebrewing setup. They are what you’ll be working with when making your beer at home, and it’s very important to pick the right equipment that will let you do it with comfort and ease. At Canuck Homebrew Supply, you will find a great assortment of brewing vessels that will fit different batch size preferences, energy sources and budgets.

Whether you want a brew pot or mash tun that has all the accessories installed at the factory and ready for use straight out of the box, or want to customize your home brewing kettles, there will always be plenty of options to choose from within our pages. Affordable stainless steel brew pots, plastic or SS mash tuns, top-of-the-line high volume vessels - we've got it all. If you want to compare brew kettles without having to click through pages of products, take a look at Barley's Kettle Comparision Chart.

Picking the right vessels for your brewing system is very important since they can affect the whole experience and determine how effective your setup will be. Our focus is to offer a broad range of brewing kettles and mash tuns with various options, so that you can purchase the right equipment for your level of brewing experience.

Have questions? Email for expert advice and suggestions on the brewing equipment that is right for you.

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