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"Why choose Canuck Homebrew Supply for your home brewing equipment, beer supplies, and fresh brewing ingredients in Canada?"

We are well aware that there are many other online suppliers of homebrewing equipment and ingredients in Canada; that is why we strive to offer a wide selection of products at competitive pricing. Many of our employees are homebrewers too, which means when contacting our in-house customer service, they can answer your product and brewing questions.

Not too sure what home brewing ingredients you need to buy to make that first batch of beer? Online home brewing beer kits in a can or the Brewer's Best 1 & 5 Gallon recipe kits on our site take the guesswork and confusion out of making beer at home. They come with instructions and almost all the ingredients needed, and best of all - no prior knowledge of brewing is required. With most of these recipe kits, including the beer can recipe kits from Brew Canada and Muntons, the only other ingredients you need are water and dextrose (in most cases, dextrose must be purchased separately).

For those of you who have been brewing beer for a while (or those wishing to upgrade their system), we have more advanced brewing equipment, We also have fresh brewing ingredients that include whole and crushed beer grains, pellet hops, liquid & dry malt extract, liquid and dry yeasts, and available in different size packaging. There are many other ingredients we stock that you can add to your homebrews to add different flavors.

We haven't forgotten those of you who have or are about to create the ultimate man or woman cave. Please take a look at the various kegging and dispensing equipment we have displayed on our website. Once again, you have the option of keeping it simple or outfitting your bar or kegerator with beer towers, unique tap handles, beer and stout faucets, and drip trays. Take a look at all the Micro Matic products; these are high-quality and include drip trays, faucets, regulators, and Sanke couplers for any commercial kegs you may have.

We haven't forgotten about those of you who like to bottle your beer. We have a selection of bottling equipment, including beer bottle caps, fillers, and cappers.

We have a section on our website for the winemakers out there with wine bottle corks, corkers, bottle-sealing wax beads, winemaking books, and more! Are you still looking for more? Please take a look at our Stainless Steel towers and faucets, which are a must for dispensing wines.

So, if you are searching online for homebrewing equipment, beer recipe kits, a wine kit, brewing hardware, grains, kegging, and dispensing equipment & accessories, take a look at Canuck Homebrew Supply. Don't forget that we also have electronic homebrew gift cards. These gift certificates have no blackout dates, and they allow the beer maker in your life to choose the homebrewing equipment and supplies they need and want from our extensive inventory.

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