Homebrewing Beer Ingredients

We stock a large variety of beer ingredients to start you off and change up your beer recipes to suit your taste. One of the best base malts is the 'Mash King 2-Row Malt', but as the old saying goes, “The brewer makes the wort and the yeast makes the beer,” so don’t forget to stock up on yeast!

If you are brewing an all-grain beer recipe, we have Whole Brewing Grains by the pound. Not ready for all-grain brewing yet? We carry many varieties and sizes of Liquid & Dry Malt Extract (LME & DME). Another must-have for your brew day is Liquid or Dry Yeast, and of course Hops, in 1 oz and 1 pound packages.

We also have a selection of homebrewing additives such as Flavouring Extracts, Fermentable Sugars, Herbs, and Spices. Use any of these additions in your recipe or change a beer recipe kit's flavour and aroma. If you have ever wondered what some of the terms or short forms mean when looking at ingredients or your beer recipes, take a look at Barley's Brewing Glossary.