November 2016 Sale

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This week I will be taking a break from my normal blog postings in order to get ready for our first BIG SALE of the season.

As many of you may or may not be aware of, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching for our friends south of the border. I want you to stay on this side of the border when doing your shopping. Save on the exchange, duty and remember if your order totals $100.00 or more, you will still receive *free shipping.

We WILL NOT be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, instead we will be having a sale throughout the entire month of November. In order to get the sale pricing you must close your cart on the day of the sale, because once we hit midnight the product may revert back to the old pricing. There will be limited quantities of each sale item and once their gone - their gone!

Occasionally I get asked why our prices are slightly higher then others and then I remind shoppers that you must compare apples to apples or in this case Canadian pricing to Canadian pricing. It is easy to comparison shop when doing online shopping (and we suggest you do), you should do so using a search engine of your choice ie - (the .ca part is important as that lets Google know that you are looking for Canadian results - even though at times they will also show you U.S. websites). Once you have found an online store or two (or your local home brew supply store) open up the websites and start searching and comparing pricing and shipping. An easy way to open more than 1 website at a time is to hold down the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard while clicking on the websites you would like to look at - this will open those sites in a new tab for you (that way you can have as many sites as you want open).

So while you are comparison shopping please remember the U.S. dollar calculator that you will find online is usually showing the best rate you would be able to get - not what the banks or credit card companies will charge you. We have already paid any duties and/or extra taxes imposed for any products that we had to import (and yes, as a Canadian company we do try and support our fellow small businesses and manufacturers by purchasing within our Country as much as possible), so you will not be subject to these charges either.

While shopping fill your cart with everything that you want to purchase and then look at the final total. There may be a few dollars difference on some items, it is the final total with taxes and shipping that you should look at.
**some exclusions apply

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