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When it comes to liquid yeast, White Labs is undeniably one of the most popular yeast labs in the USA, famous for a huge variety of pure yeast strains, yeast blends, brewer's bacteria, and other microbiological products that can be used for fermenting virtually any alcoholic beverage out there. One of the main selling points of White Labs yeast is the ease of use associated with their products, as well as the variety of strains readily available for any beer style you can think of. And at Canuck Homebrew Supply we always strive to have a complete inventory of White Lab products that any homebrewer can gain access to.

Whether brewing a German Pilsner, Belgian Wheat Beer, or an American West Coast IPA, the choice of White Labs yeast strains will certainly have an immense impact on the resulting flavour and aroma profile of the beer. With White Labs you always have a choice of at least several yeast strains for a given beer style, which allows you to unleash your brewing creativity and come up with really interesting beers. No matter what type of beer you're thinking of right now, White Labs definitely have the optimal strain for that, and you can easily get your yeast vial/pouch in this section of Canuck Homebrew Supply.

Did you know that While Labs has an app for iPhones and Android? This app can come in very handy if you are away from your brew station and hear of a new yeast strain that was used in the beer you just sampled. Sign in, search and order the yeast immediately (if it is currently available), no more hoping you remember later. Try the White Labs App today and be better informed on the yeast you are using.

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Please be advised that all of the attributes that we have entered for White Labs Yeasts concerning Attenuation, Flocculation, Alcohol Tolerance and Optimum Fermentation Temperature have been obtained directly from the White Labs website.

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