Health Benefits of Homebrew

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Health Benefits of Naturally Fermented Homebrew

Once you start making your own beer at home, you may never go back to buying store-bought beer again. Making beer is very easy and it requires ingredients that you can find in specialty shops or an online brewing supplies website. While making beer is a worthwhile hobby and not to mention, a good conversation starter, there are many health benefits to drinking naturally fermented home brew.

Beer is a good source of essential minerals that are necessary for maintaining healthy metabolic processes in the body. But aside from containing high amounts of flavonoids, antioxidants, and Vitamin B, naturally fermented beer also contains high amounts of probiotics that can improve the number of good bacteria in the stomach.

The health benefits of drinking naturally fermented homebrew are numerous and perhaps the most important benefit is that it has anti-cancer properties. The flavonoid xanthohumol is a compound that is abundant in beer and it comes from hops. This flavonoid is found to have anti-cancer properties and can prevent different types of cancers including prostate and colon cancer. It is also a good source of polyphenols which also has anti-cancer properties.

Beer also contains Vitamin B6 that protects the heart from the buildup of the compound called homocysteine which promotes the formation of clots. Moderate consumption of beer also reduces the risk of inflammation in the arteries and can also lower the level of cholesterol. Studies have also shown that drinking beer can help reduce the risk for hypertension. The high amount of Vitamin B complex in beer also helps prevent anemia.

Beer also contains high amounts of silicon. That’s why moderate intake can also increase the bone density. Thereby decreasing the risk for osteoporosis and fractures. The silicon is easily absorbed by the body; thus, improving collage and bone production.

Drinking naturally fermented beer has many health benefits so if you have been brewing beer for your health, then you are on the right track.

So here's to your health - Cheers!

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