RAPT Temperature Controller (Wifi & Bluetooth)

RAPT Temperature Controller (Wifi & Bluetooth)

  • $94.99

Discover the incredible RAPT WiFi & Bluetooth Temperature Controller - a revolutionary device that enables seamless monitoring, tracking, and control of both heating and cooling devices via the internet using our intuitive app and portal. Create and customize temperature profiles with ease and witness the automatic temperature adjustments over time.

Utilize the RAPT web portal to remotely monitor, log, and control connected devices through the control box. Its color display screen provides clear temperature readings, featuring a comprehensive graph of past and future temperature settings for precise profile temperature adjustments. Designed as a plug and play device, it is equipped with two readily identifiable power sockets to effortlessly identify heating and cooling devices. Take complete charge of temperature regulation throughout the brewing process by managing the temperature of a fridge or a heating device simultaneously.

The PID heating function, commonly employed for powerful devices, significantly reduces the risk of scorching and ensures a consistent temperature control experience with minimal fluctuations. The controller offers control over a wide temperature range, providing the ability to regulate devices between -20°C to 120°C.

Effortlessly mount this controller in various ways like hanging it using a hook, placing it on top of a fridge, or securing it on a brewery. Simply detach the mounting plate and adjust it to your preferred position.

Required Applications
  • RAPT App from Google Play
  • RAPT App from Apple App Store
  • Access RAPT Portal
  • Accurately measures and controls temperature
  • PID heating function included
  • Temperature control range: -20°C to 120°C
  • RAPT Mobile App available for compatible Android smartphones/tablets and Apple iPhones/iPads
  • Integrates through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the RAPT Mobile App or the RAPT IOT
Product Code: KL26055

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