AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Condenser

  • $184.99

The AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Condenser delivers impeccably pure alcohol. Employing this condenser enables you to capture as much as 93% of the potential alcohol content.

It seamlessly fits onto both the Grainfather and BrewZilla, granted you possess the appropriate distilling lids. The AlcoEngine Pure Distilling Lid is compatible with the BrewZilla All Grain Brewing Systems as well.

You can also affix it to a commercial keg using a 2" TC Clamp. To do this, you must remove the sanke spear and secure the condenser with the TC clamp, ensuring that the included gasket is correctly positioned between the condenser and your keg.

The column comes pre-packed with stainless mesh material to add reflux to your distillation process. By adding this material that increases surface area and allows your distillate to condense and drip back down into the kettle, you increase proof and refine your final product.

It comes equipped with two attachable orifices: one with a narrow opening for producing purer alcohol (0.6mm ID), and the other with a wider opening primarily intended for stripping runs (1mm ID). Additionally, a collection tube and a digital thermometer are included to help you monitor the distillation process.

Compatible with:

AlcoEngine Style Brass Fitting - 3/4" Female Garden Hose X 1/2" Female QD
AlcoEngine Style Brass Fitting - 3/4" Male Garden Hose X 1/2" Female QD

While the condenser includes these disconnects, we cannot guarantee compatibility with other disconnect styles.


  • Solid Copper Construction
  • Lead-Free Brass Components
  • Soldered with Lead-Free Silver
  • Pre-packed with stainless mesh for reflux
  • Brass Quick Disconnect Fittings - 1/2" Male BSP
  • Brass Fitting - 3/4" Female Garden Hose X 1/2" Female BSP x 1
  • Brass Fitting - 3/4" Male Garden Hose X 1/2" Female BSP x 1
  • Fits standard commercial kegs


  • 20 7/8" H x 2" W

Product Code: KL04640

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