Gas Regulators

Gas Regulators

Some homebrewers prefer to keep their beer in kegs as it is a faster, more convenient way to store and dispense your homebrew. You can draw any volume of draft beer anytime by just pulling the handle of the tap. A keg is a great way to dispense beer, especially for a large crowd of people.

If you want to keg your beer, you need to know its components. Also called a draught beer system, a kegging system requires many components, but the two most important are the Carbon Dioxide tank and the gas regulator. Both of these components work hand in hand. The regulator allows you to control the pressure flow of your beer from the tap.

It is important to take note that the pressure in a Carbon Dioxide tank is stored between 800 and 1000 PSI, but you don’t need this amount of pressure to dispense beer. You only need 8 to 15 PSI to dispense your homebrew. What the gas regulator does is, it converts the pressure from the tap to what is acceptable.

Regulators come with a small screw that allows you to adjust the pressure thereby cutting off the flow of the gas too. There are many types of gas regulators from which to choose, most made from high-quality brass bodies that also come with a precision diaphragm to help home brewers control the output of the flow of the gas or liquid.

Here at Canuck Homebrew Supply, we offer a wide variety of gas regulators, including dual to multi-gauge gas regulators. We also sell gas regulator accessories like manifolds should you wish to improve your kegging system. Using our commercial grade manifolds allows you to dispense your homebrew from multiple kegs using one CO2 tank. We make sure that we have everything that you need so that you can dispense beer from your draught beer system with convenience.

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