Why Choose Canuck Homebrew Supply?

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Why order homebrew supplies online from Canuck Homebrew Supply?

Many people may ask the question and the answers are endless. Quality, selection, prices and free shipping are a few reasons.


All of our ingredients are fresh and our beer kits come from suppliers that are known throughout Canada. We also have advanced homebrewing equipment for those that have been making their own beer for years.


Being an online homebrew store we are not just 4 walls with limited square footage to display our products, our warehouses are full of brewing supplies. You may view the hundreds of pieces of brewing equipment and our wine and beer making ingredients any time of day or night from any location. There may be times due to large demand or supplier short-ships that we do run out of stock, but that is something that is kept to a minimum.


Our brewing equipment is priced according to current market trends and our suppliers. Yes we do offer products from Asia for those new to brewing and looking to purchase inexpensive equipment.

Free Shipping:

Ordering is easy, plus if your order totals $100.00 or more you may also qualify for free shipping. We do have our limitations when it comes to free shipping as it can cost 50% or more of your purchase costs for us to ship to remote locations. Most orders ship from our Ontario location within 2 business days and reach their final destination within a week. Unfortunately we can not control the timing of bad weather or our carriers, but you will get an email with tracking information once your order has left our building.

So... depending on where you live in Canada and the time of year, it may not always be possible to visit, or you may not have a local homebrew supply store to go shopping. Canuck Homebrew Supply is an online Canadian homebrew equipment, ingredient and supply retailer and we are open 24 hours a day.

Canuck Homebrew Supply is a family owned and proudly Canadian company.

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