Secondary Five Way Pass Through CO2 Regulator (60PSI) #T1695ST-2N

Secondary Five Way Pass Through CO2 Regulator (60PSI) #T1695ST-2N

  • $366.99

When there are five kegs that need different serving pressure settings for each it might feel like a logistic nightmare. But it’s really simple when you have the Taprite 5-Way Secondary CO2 Pass-Thru Regulator hooked up to your serving system.

This heavy duty brass monster features five separate modules that allow adjusting the serving pressure to five different kegs using a single CO2 tank. And what’s also great about this particular model is the fact that it can be connected to another secondary regulator module thanks to its pass- thru design.

Description: The Taprite 5-Way Secondary CO2 Pass-Thru Regulator features the signature Taprite quality and durability that will last you for decades. Each of the five regulators has a separate dial knob for fast pressure adjustment, 60 PSI gauge for accurate pressure monitoring, and a 5/16 inch outlet with ball valve pressure release for fast connectivity with standard pressure tubing. The two inlets at either end of the regulator are barbed 5/16 inch and allow modular connectivity with a single CO2 tank and more secondary regulators further down the chain. This way you’ll be able to have five different kegs at different serving pressure all at the same time, or force-carbonate five kegs simultaneously, with the option to expand the system in order to have more kegs on tap with additional regulator modules.
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Barbed 5/16" inlets
  • 5, 60psi gauges
  • Built in pressure release valves

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