Micro Matic Stainless Steel Shotgun Beer Tower - Double Faucet

  • $594.99

One of the great things about this Micro Matic, Stainless Steel, Double Faucet, Shotgun Beer Tower is that if you are dispensing two kegs of the same brew, you can quickly and easily fill a pitcher as the faucets are close together. With this type of dispensing unit, you do not need a large drip tray either.

As with all Micro Matic beer towers, it is fitted with unique, fully integrated 'Anti-Rotation Flats' that will keep your faucets and shanks securely in place, so loose faucets are a thing of the past, as are kinked beverage lines.

  • Mounting Gasket and Hardware
  • 2 - High-Quality Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets
  • 2 - Preinstalled 5' Beer Lines with Hex Nuts and Neoprene Washers
  • 1 - High-Quality Polished Stainless Steel Double Faucet Shotgun Beer Tower
  • Column Diameter - 3"
  • Faucet Height - 11 1/4"
  • Column Height - 14 1/4"

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