Micro Matic PVD Gold Coated Brass Beer Tower - Double Faucet

  • $397.99

Commercially approved and ready for action, this Double Faucet, 3" PVD Gold Coated Brass Beer Tower from Micro Matic truly is a champion in its field! With an elegant gold finish, it's as much a decorative centerpiece as it is a high-performing beer dispensing device. Imagine this eye-catching tower taking center stage on your bar, its golden sheen adding a touch of sophistication.

But this tower doesn't just dazzle with looks. It's crafted with innovative features designed to make your beer dispensing smoother and more efficient. One such feature is the integrated 'Anti-Rotation Flats', designed to ensure that your shanks and faucets stay securely in their intended place during pouring. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments and readjustments that can disrupt the flow of service.

In addition to providing stability, these 'Anti-Rotation Flats' also play a key role in maintaining the integrity of your beverage lines. By keeping everything firmly in place, they help to prevent the formation of kinks that can hinder the flow of your beer and affect the quality of the pour.

This double faucet design means you can dispense two different beers simultaneously, perfect for bustling environments or when you simply want to offer variety to your guests. Combining function with aesthetic appeal, this Micro Matic beer tower is an asset to any bar setup.


  • Commercial Grade: This beer tower is approved for commercial use and will connect to all standard keg couplers.
  • Beautiful Design: This sturdy beer tower is constructed from beautiful PVD gold coated brass.
  • NSF Approved
  • Connects to: All standard keg couplers
  • Integrated Anti-Rotating Flats: Faucets will stay in place and will not rotate. Eliminates the possibility of kinks in the beer lines.


  • High-quality polished brass faucets x 2
  • Integrated PVD Gold Coated Brass Tower Shank Assembly x 2
  • Preinstalled 5' line beer lines with hex nuts and neoprene washers x 2
  • High-quality PVD gold coated brass double faucet beer tower x 1
  • Mounting gasket and hardware


  • Faucet Height - 9 1/4"
  • Column Height - 12 1/4"
  • Column Diameter - 3"

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