Fermtech Premium aPour Wine Dispensing System

  • $58.99

Featuring the Fermtech Premium aPour Wine Dispensing System, elegantly designed to ensure that your homemade wine remains fresh and delectable. The system includes a 4.5L Oxygen Barrier Wine Bag capable of holding the equivalent of 8 wine bottles, preserving their taste for up to 6 months. Constructed from durable, high-quality plastic, this user-friendly system assembles with ease and does away with the need for traditional bottling or kegging processes.

We also carry 3 packs of replacement 4.5L Oxygen Barrier Wine Bags.

Comes with:

  • aPour Premium Wine Dispenser
  • Pressure Filler
  • Pre-Sanitized 4.5L Oxygen Barrier Bag with Dispensing Tap


  • Plastic Construction
  • Holds 4.5L wine bag for dispensing
  • Reusable

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