Bayou Classic Aluminum Stock Pot With Basket - 100 Qt. [1000]

Bayou Classic Aluminum Stock Pot With Basket - 100 Qt.

  • $374.99

Now you too can have a 100 Quart, commercial-grade, 10-Gauge Aluminum Stockpot with Basket in your kitchen. This Bayou Classic stockpot comes complete with a domed, vented lid, and it can also be used as a steamer or fryer pot (think how much food you can place in that basket). If you plan on using this stockpot and basket for frying only fill the pot about 2/3 full so that you do not have a hot oil boil over.

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, and you can use this stockpot outside on your grill or propane burner.

Aluminum can easily oxidize when in contact with caustic cleaners, so choosing the correct cleaner can ensure many years of use.

Interior Basket Dimensions:
  • 16 1/8" Height (40.96cm)
  • 17 1/2" Diameter (44.45cm)
Interior Kettle Dimensions:
  • 19 1/2" Height (49.53cm)
  • 19 3/4" Diameter (50.17cm)
  • Domed Vented Lid
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • 25 Gallon Capacity
  • 10-Gauge Aluminum Stockpot
  • Removable Basket with Handle
  • 10-Gauge Aluminum Perforated Basket
  • Helper Handle to Assist with Removal and Emptying
  • Comes with Side Handles for Easy and Safe Moving

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