Dual Burner Cooker

Bayou Classic Dual Burner Cooker

  • $269.99

Featuring two robust burners housed in a durable casing and equipped with adjustable legs, this cooker can be raised as high as 25" (63.5 cm). It is not only perfect for backyard brewing but also an excellent choice for outdoor cooking.

Whether you need to simultaneously heat your HLT and Boil Kettle, brew and cook simultaneously, or utilize just one burner, the possibilities are yours to explore and enjoy.


  • Dual 4" Cast Aluminum Burner - Dual 59,000 BTUs
  • 10-psi Regulator with Dual Brass Control Valves
  • Dual 36" Stainless Braided LPG Hoses 
  • 31.5" Length x 12.5" Tall Welded Base Frame
  • Heat Resistant Paint
  • Extension Legs raise height to 25"
  • 360 degree Windscreen Protection
  • Holds 12-in diameter to 62-qt

Please note: Propane burners are exclusively intended for outdoor use. It is not suitable for enclosed spaces!

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