Dual Burner Cooker

Dual Burner Cooker

  • $309.99

Brewing outdoors will be more fun and efficient with the Dual Burner Cooker by Bayou Classic.

With two powerful burners in a sturdy casing and adjustable legs that can take the cooker as high as 25 inches (63.5 cm), this is an ideal solution not only for those, who enjoy brewing in the backyard, but for outdoor cooking as well.

You can use the two burners for your HLT and Boil Kettle at the same time, use one for brewing and the other for cooking, or just use either one of burners – the options are yours to enjoy.

Important notice: the cooker should only be used outdoors!

Description: The Bayou Dual Burner Cooker features a large cooking surface with each of the burners covering about 14 inches in diameter, which is ideal for most brewing and cooking vessels.

The broad wind shields protect the flame from undesired fluctuations and help spread the heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface.

The adjustable legs allow you to set the cooker on an uneven surface and take it high off the ground.

The cooker comes equipped with a gas regulator, two hoses 3 feet each, and two brass shut off valves that allow you to use each of the burners separately or both at the same time.

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