42 Qt. Aluminum Stock Pot with Steamer Basket

Aluminum Stock Pot with Steamer Basket - 42 Qt.

  • $159.99

Use this 42-quart Aluminum stockpot for steaming and boiling. The handled steamer basket rests on the indentation above the pot handles, keeping it 3.25" from the bottom of the pot, so even if you allow your pot to boil dry, your food is safe in the basket. It also has a vented lid, which helps to keep boilovers to a minimum.

This commercial-grade stockpot may be used on your stovetop or a propane burner outdoors.

We recommended that you not add more items to your cart (hoping to have them shipped inside the pot) when purchasing this stockpot. Placing items inside this aluminum stockpot may cause damage. We will not assume any liability should you choose to have items placed inside the kettle before shipping.

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