Bayou Classic Nickel-Plated Mesh Skimmer - 18"

Bayou Classic Nickel-Plated Mesh Skimmer - 18"

  • $17.49

This 18" Nickel-Plated Mesh Skimmer from Bayou Classic can be used for a number of things around the kitchen or on your brew day. You can hang it close to the action and use it to scoop out a grain or hop bag that has fallen to the bottom of your boil kettle.

The 6 7/8" mesh bowl is perfect for getting to the bottom of a stockpot to retrieve and strain the tasty food you have been making. It is also good for when you are using a deep fryer without a basket and need to remove the fish, chicken or whatever other food you may be frying.

Do you want a mesh skimmer that is longer? We also have 36" Skimmer with an 8" mesh bowl.

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