6" Bazooka Screen

6" Kettle Bazooka Screen

  • $10.99

This 6” stainless steel kettle screen (aka bazooka screen, torpedo screen, spigot filter) can be used in the boiling process to filter out whole hops and other solids (not recommended for pellets) or as a mash tun screen. But this is a sure step in the right direction to get you closer to a clearer product!

Description: You may also want to use Irish Moss or Whirlfloc for added clarity that may be found in the Homebrew Additives section of the site. Should you find that you are still getting some small particles when transferring your wort you may also want to purchase a funnel with a built in screen found in the Steeping and Straining section!
  • 1/2" NPT threads, fits most connections found on home-brewing equipment
  • Completely stainless construction; will not corrode
  • Screen is #16 mesh (16 wires per inch), the most effective size for blocking home-brew particulate

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