15 Gallon Mash King Weldless Brew Kettle

15 Gallon Mash King Weldless Brew Kettle

  • $259.99

The 15 Gallon Mash King Weldless Brew Kettle by Mash King is made of high-quality brushed Stainless Steel with walls 25% thicker than in typical entry-level brewing kettles. This translates into better heat retention and higher energy efficiency regardless of the heat source you’re using.

What’s also important is that this kettle has a Tri-Clad layered designed for induction heating, so you have more energy options to choose from for your brewhouse. Moreover, the layered design ensures better heat distribution throughout the kettle and prevents wort scorching. The 15 gallons (57 litres) overall volume means that the kettle can be used for huge batches or be converted into a Mash Tun or Hot Liquor tank with a few additional modifications.

This is a truly amazing piece of equipment that will certainly prove to be a great upgrade for your system.

Purchasing additional items to be shipped inside this pot is not recommended. During shipping, damage may occur if items are placed inside the pot, and we will not assume liability for any damage that may occur should you ask us to place additional items inside the pot.

Description: If you want to play big, the 15 Gallon Mash King Weldless Brew Kettle by Mash King is just the vessel you need to take your homebrew to a new level. This excellent stainless steel pot provides the optimal ergonomics, dimensions and durability that will suit most of your brewing needs. And with the pre-drilled holes for additional accessories such as a probe thermometer or a ball valve, this kettle is ready to become a vital component of your homebrewing system. "Tri-Clad" refers to the sandwiching of aluminium between stainless steel, creating a thick base that lessens scorching and cuts down on hot spots. Having a Tri-Clad bottom means this kettle is Induction Ready. Note: Kettles may come with small dents or imperfections.
  • 15 gallon capacity
  • Certified food grade
  • 4mm Tri-clad bottom
  • Bolted on handles
  • 25% Thicker walls than entry-level kettles

Note: Weldless kettle kit and thermometer not included.

Note: This brew kettle has two holes to accommodate your chosen accessories.

Not Included:

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