Ingredients for Home Brewing Beer

One of the best things about home brewing is that you have the freedom to create what you like and you’ll find that we stock a large variety of ingredients to get you going. One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to need your base malt for all grain brewing and then build up from there. One of the best base malts is the 'Mash King 2-Row Malt', but as the old saying goes “The brewer makes the wort and the yeast makes the beer” so don’t forget to stock up on yeast! Try out the California Ale yeast for a nice California Common.
If you are using your own beer recipes (whether all-grain or extract), we have fresh beer ingredients such as;

Please be advised that all of the attributes that we have entered for White Labs Yeasts concerning Attenuation, Flocculation, Alcohol Tolerance and Optimum Fermentation Temperature have been obtained directly from the White Labs website.

We also have a selection of;

Use any of these additions in your recipe, or to change up a beer recipe kits flavour and aroma.

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