Adjuncts - Syrups & Sugars

Sugar is the primary source of alcohol, and in beer it takes the form of maltose that is obtained from malt during the process of mashing. However, in many brewing traditions malt isn’t the exclusive source of sugar for the beer. Various beer styles, especially those hailing from Belgium, owe their peculiar flavour due to the use of specific forms of sugar. And if you want to explore these beer styles during your next brewing session, you will certainly appreciate the broad selection of specialized brewing sugars and syrups featured in our store.

Whether you’re looking for a particular type of Belgian candi sugar to brew an authentic Tripel with, or need clean sugar to bottle-condition your beer, you will find it all in this section of Canuck Homebrew Supply. We offer most common types of brewing sugars in different forms, as well as special liquid syrups, and bottling sugar for homebrewers. So no matter which type of special sugar your next recipe calls for, you can rest assured that you will find it in our homebrew store.