Stainless Steel Distilling Parrot With Collection Cup

  • $130.99

The 304 Stainless Steel Distilling Parrot With Collection Cup is designed to be compatible with AlcoEngine stills. It offers the convenience of providing real-time readings of alcohol percentage during the distillation process.

To set it up, first, make sure you have already collected the foreshots in a separate container. Then, position the Distilling Parrot after the collection of foreshots, in line with the distillation outlet. This arrangement allows the distilled drops to fall directly into the taller collection cup of the parrot.

Next, carefully place the Alcometer (alcohol meter) into the lower cone of the Distilling Parrot. Take caution while doing this, as the Alcometer is delicate and can break if dropped into an empty cone.

Once the Alcometer is securely in place, connect the distillation flow to the collection container using the provided silicone tubing. The flowing liquid will now pass through the Distilling Parrot and into the collection cup, allowing you to obtain real-time readings of the alcohol percentage.

Comes with:

  • Stainless Steel Distilling Parrot
  • 12" Silicone Tubing - 1/2" ID X 11/16" OD
  • Simple Spirit Alcometer 0 - 100%

Note: Ensure that the Distilling Parrot is properly secured and aligned in your setup to avoid any leaks or inconsistencies in the readings.

Product Code: KL14823

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