Beverage and Gas Disconnects

No matter what type of keg you’re using – pin or ball lock – you will sometimes need to replace your beverage and gas disconnects, especially when refurbishing older kegs. For situations like these, we have a dedicated category in our store that features all kinds of disconnects you may need for replacement.

At Canuck Homebrew supply you will always be able to get plastic and stainless steel, ball and pin lock disconnects for both gas and liquid. There are also different threads and sizes to choose from, so you will surely find the right disconnect to fit your keg with. No need to replace the entire unit – just switch out the old disconnect with a new one and you’re all set.

Disconnects are an essential part of any keg system as they allow connecting the keg to a CO2 tank with a gas disconnect, and a faucet to serve the beer with a liquid disconnect. Make sure to pick the right types of disconnects for your keg and get proper tubing assembly to make your dispensing system ready for pouring within a few minutes.

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All Products