Wort Whipper Magnetic Compact Stir Plate

Wort Whipper Magnetic Compact Stir Plate

  • $51.99

The Wort Whipper is an excellent compact stir plate that is perfect for general stirring and creating yeast starters. You can easily adjust the speed using the dial until a small vortex begins to form at the top, and then simply dial it back a bit. When using this product to stir your starter, a strong vortex is not necessary. The main goal is to keep the yeast suspended.

Additionally, the stir bar that is included with the Wort Whipper is constructed from polytetrafluoroethylene plastic, which is both odorless and anti-corrosive. It also features an internal magnet.


  • 100-240V~60Hz
  • 1000 mL capacity
  • Comes with 1" stir bar

Product Code: KL05555

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