American Lager Yeast - WLP840

American Lager Yeast - WLP 840

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American lagers are famous for their neutral flavour and dry finish, making refreshing light beers that can be consumed by the gallons on a hot summer day. And if you want to get that distinct character in your next brew, WLP840 American Lager Yeast should definitely be your strain of choice for the project.

Sourced from one of the largest commercial breweries in the US, this yeast is characterized by high attenuation, medium flocculation, medium alcohol tolerance, and minimal sulphur and diacetyl production, resulting in crisp, clean, and dry beers that leave enough space for both malt and hop flavours to take over the palate.

Description The neutral character of WLP840 American Lager Yeast makes this strain a very versatile fermenter for almost all kinds of lager beers.

Whether it’s a light Bohemian Pilsner or a malty Munich Dunkel, this yeast can perform really well with all kinds of grain bills and hop schedules. Thanks to its high attenuation, very little residual sugars are left in the beer, which may require the use of Crystal malts when a fuller body is needed.

WLP840 tends to work quite fast and is easy to handle, making this yeast a great choice for both novice and experienced brewers who want to make a good and clean lager beer.
Attributes: Attenuation: 75% - 80%
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50°F - 55°F

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