Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast - WLP 720

Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast - WLP 720

  • $17.79

WLP720 Sweet Mead Wine Yeast is a versatile strain that can be used for fermenting a variety of alcoholic drinks.

Primarily tailored for producing wine and mead, this strain is characterized by lower attenuation and high alcohol tolerance, producing drinks with a significant amount of residual sugars. As a result, the yeast performs really well when making Cider, Mead, Wine, Braggot, Cyser, and even certain beer styles on the spectrum's sweeter side.

Moreover, you can use WLP720 in distilling for producing Rum and Brandy, making it an all-round fermenter for a variety of alcoholic beverages that require high levels of residual sugars.

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