Upright Converter Assembly - 8" Metal Pump

Upright Converter Assembly - 8" Metal Pump

  • $146.99

Transform your Sanke keg into a party keg with ease, using a normal Sanke coupler and an 8" hand pump.

This hand-pumped Sanke converter threads onto standard Sanke ports, allowing you to pump your beer up to the convenient faucet manually.

Using a hand pump to tap your keg results in rapidly reducing carbonation levels and loss of freshness. Use a CO2 setup to tap a keg over a longer period of time to retain freshness.

  • 8" Pump
  • 12" Gas LineĀ 
  • 8" Metal PumpĀ 
  • 16 1/4" Total Height
  • Chrome Plated Brass Body & Faucet

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