Stainless Steel Thin Wall Bulkhead - 1/2" NPT

  • $13.49

Our versatile bulkhead is designed for attaching weldless accessories through thin walls with convenience and reliability. Whether you're working on a brewing system, plumbing project, or any other application, this bulkhead is a versatile solution.

The bulkhead comes complete with O-rings for a secure and watertight seal. It requires a 1" pass-through hole and is specifically suitable for walls with a maximum thickness of 3/8". With these specifications, you can confidently install and use this bulkhead in various setups, ensuring efficient and leak-free performance.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 3/4" NPT Exterior
  • 1/2" NPT Interior
  • Maximum wall thickness - 3/8"
  • Comes with silicone O-Rings
  • Requires 1" hole for installation

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