Taprite Quad Secondary CO2 Regulator (60PSI) #T1694ST

  • $324.99

Have four kegs with different types of beer that each need a different pressure setting for the optimal serving experience? Do not worry, since the Taprite Quad Secondary CO2 Regulator is designed exactly with situations like this in mind.

Delivering the signature Taprite reliability and sturdiness, this secondary regulator will be the core of your kegerator or serving space, allowing you to pour the perfect pint from every keg you might currently have in your system.

A simple and logical solution for the demanding homebrewer or bar owner who wants to have the optimal draft beer experience with multiple settings to choose from.

Description: The Taprite Quad Secondary CO2 Regulator features a simple modular design that is very simple to use. The heavy duty brass body makes this secondary regulator very durable, and it’s very easy to mount thanks to the mount brackets at the back of the first and fourth regulator.

The inlet is barbed 5/16 inch allowing fast connectivity to most types of pressure tubing, while each of the 5/16 inch barbed outlets also has a manual ball valve pressure release. With 60 PSI gauges at each regulator, setting the required pressure is really easy, while the built-in release valve in each will also protect the entire system from drastic pressure fluctuations
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Built in pressure release valves
  • 5/16" barbed oulets
  • 4, 60 psi gauges

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