Primary Low Pressure CO2 Regulator #3741-BR

Taprite Primary Low Pressure CO2 Regulator #3741-BR

  • $104.99

Made out of heavy duty forged brass, the Taprite Primary Low Pressure CO2 Regulator is a one-time investment that will serve you for decades. It features an external safety release valve set to 55-65 PSI for protecting the dispensing system, as well as an internal safety valve that is released when the pressure is 15 PSI above the set value, which is usually a sign of a worn diaphragm or seat.

The regulator body is heavy enough to serve as a heat sink and prevent undesired freeze ups when using CO2. And with the 60 PSI and 2000 PSI gauges you will always be able to keep the serving pressure and the remaining gas volume in check.

Description: The Taprite Primary Low Pressure CO2 Regulator is the simple and reliable gas regulator that will make your kegerator tick like a clock. Its simple and reliable design is everything you need to work with low pressure gas tanks and have the pressure variability for anything, whether it"s carbonating the beer after kegging or fine-tuning the exact serving pressure when it"s ready to pour. Just set the screw adjustment to the desired value and forget about it, your system will be fed with all the pressure it needs to do a good job.
  • Regulators have built-in high volume external safety relief valves, factory set to relieve at 55-65 PSIG.
  • Internal relief valve opens if delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG, warning that the seat needs replacing.
  • CGA320 Inlet (Left hand thread)
  • Body parts are 1/4" NPT
  • Outlet fittings feature a 5/16" barbed shutoff valve (Right hand thread)
  • Non-removable adjusting screw limits maximum delivery pressure to 50 PSIG
  • Working pressure range; 0-50psi.
  • 60lb (Right hand thread) and 2000lb (Left hand thread) Gauges

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