Low Pressure T Bar Regulator (30 & 2000PSI) #3741-BR-30MT

Taprite Low Pressure T Bar Regulator (30 & 2000PSI) #3741-BR-30MT

  • $94.99

The Taprite Low Pressure T-Bar Regulator is made out of heavy duty forged brass, which ensures excellent durability and also gives the regulator enough body mass to act as a heat sink while dispensing the gas.

It features a manual external pressure release valve that is used to protect the entire system in situations when the pressure exceeds acceptable parameters.

The working pressure range in this regulator is between 0 and 30 PSI. It features a standard CGA320 inlet and a 1600 ball type shut-off outlet with a 5/16 inch barbed fitting.

The 30 PSI and 2000 PSI gauges will allow you to keep the serving pressure and remaining gas volume in check.

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