Sanke 'D' Stainless Steel Wing Coupler #FT86SSP

Taprite Sanke 'D' Stainless Steel Wing Coupler #FT86SSP

  • $82.99

This is the stainless steel model of the wing handled Sanke 'D' series couplers. This model being stainless steel is going to last much longer than other metals and be the better dollar value item.

The wing handles move in a clockwise motion to open, counter clockwise to close. The handle is constructed of metal and chrome but the rest of the body is 304 stainless steel. It is great for dispensing beer. wine or cider.

You will require a tail piece assembly to connect your beverage line to a sanke coupler.

Description: The body is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and the wing handle is metal and chrome
Compare: Sanke Coupler Chart
Features: A tail piece assembly will be needed to correctly attach tubing to the coupler, which can be purchased separately.

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