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Ss Brewtech Weldless Thermowell - 11 3/4"

  • $47.99

The SS Brewtech weldless thermowell is made from solid stainless steel construction to protect the thermometer or heat sensor from heat and water damage.

It can be installed by drilling a 17mm hole on the kettle, or placed into an existing hole of this dimension. This particular thermowell is 13 inches in total length and it extends 11 3/4" into the vessel. It has a tube diameter of 6.5mm so it cannot accommodate thick thermometers. It is compatible with the small heat sensor digital temperature module from SS Brewtech.

The thermowell is a tool that protects your thermometer or heat sensor while allowing for accurate temperature readings.

  • Features a universal weldless design
  • Can be retrofitted to a brew bucket
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Can be easily installed to a 17mm drilled or punched hole
  • Approximately 13 inches in total length
  • Extends 11 3/4" into the vessel
  • Compatible with the SS BrewTech LCD Temp Display
  • Tube opening diameter is 6.35mm

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