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Ss Brewtech Blow-Off Cane - 3" TC

  • $86.99

This blow-off cane is specifically designed for use with the 7 gallon Chronical fermenter BrewMaster Edition. However, it can also be used with other BrewMaster Editions that have a 3" TC lid. The cane extends 7.25" from the center of the tank, making it ideal for the 7 gallon fermenter. For larger BrewMaster Editions, longer blow-off canes are available.

The blow-off cane features an integrated pressure relief valve that will release under 2-2.5 psi. This ensures that excess pressure is safely released during fermentation.

Please note that the 3" TC clamp and gasket required to complete the setup are not included with the blow-off cane. These items can be purchased separately.

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