SS 84 Stainless Steel Brew Burner

SS84 Stainless Steel Brew Burner

  • $231.99

Serious brews need serious burn power, and the SS84 Stainless Steel Brew Burner is exactly what you need for brewing medium to large sized batches in a short period of time.

With 55,000 BTUs and 16 x 16” cooking surface this stainless steel monster can take boils as large as 25 gallons (94 litres), while taking standard 5-gallon batches from mash out to a rolling boil in just a few minutes.

Having such a powerful burner is a must for anyone who’s interested in doing large volume brews or just values their time and wants to ramp up the temperature really fast.

Description: Made entirely out of high grade stainless steel, the SS84 Stainless Steel Brew Burner by Bayou Classic features a durable frame designed for increased stability, a compact burner that spreads the energy evenly throughout the 16 x 16" cooking surface, and a broad 360° wind screen that protects the flame from dispersion and ensures better temperature control.

The burner comes equipped with a 36" stainless braided hose, which allows direct connection to a propane tank, and a10 PSI regulator with an off valve for accurate flame power adjustment. The SS84 can fit pots of varying sizes, however it is recommended to use pots with a diameter of 12" and larger due to the wide cooking surface
Caution: This burner is intended to be used outside only!

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