Stainless Steel HQ Series Beer Shank - 6 1/8"

Stainless Steel HQ Series Beer Shank - 6 1/8"

  • $42.99

Discover the all-around potential of our 6 1/8", 304 Stainless Steel Beer Shank, equally effective for beer, wines, ciders, and other acidic beverages. This recessed beer shank you use a number of tap assemblies

Featuring 7/8"-14 (5/8" BPS) threading and a 1/4" bore, this shank seamlessly pairs with all standard beer faucets, ensuring a perfect pour every time.

This beer shank comes packaged with a shank nut and a black plastic collar, preparing it for immediate installation. It's ideal for your kegerator, fridge conversion, or even a wall pass-through setup, adding a professional touch to your beverage dispensing system.


  • Stainless Steel (304)
  • 6 1/8" Long
  • Black Plastic Flange Ring
  • Compatible with standard faucets

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