Stainless Steel HERMS Coil - 50' of 1/2"

Stainless Steel HERMS Coil - 50' of 1/2"

  • $174.99

Standing short for Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System, the HERMS method is an approach favoured by many advanced homebrewers.

As the name implies, this method involves recirculation of the mash through a coiled heat exchanger installed in your system’s Hot Liquor Tank.

The advantages of this method include consistent temperature throughout the mash schedule, eliminated risk of wort scorching and, respectively, enzyme denaturation, which in combination result in a more efficient, flexible and predictable mash program.

Description: The Stainless Steel HERMS Coil - 50' of 1/2" will help you convert an ordinary HLT/Mash Tun system into a HERMS setup.

By installing the HERMS coil into your Hot Liquor Tank and connecting it to the Mash Tun via a small pump (not included), you will be able to control the temperature in the Mash Tun by recirculating the wort through the coil on a continuous basis.

If you have a multi-step mash schedule, you’ll be able to raise the temperature in a smoother way without the risk of scorching the mash by simply increasing the temperature in the Hot Liquor Tank.
  • SS304
  • Made in Canada
  • 9" Coil Height
  • 12" Coil Diameter

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