Dried Mugwort - 1 oz

Dried Mugwort - 1 oz (28 g)

  • $3.49

Traditionally used in brews destined for the Thanksgiving period, Mugwort is an interesting spice that can add a whole new range of flavours to your beer.

Commonly described as having earthy and herbal notes, Mugwort has a character similar to that of Sage or St. John's Wort and is commonly used in calming teas and infusions.

When used in beer, this spice can expand the flavour profile of the recipe and enhance the earthy and herbal character of Old World hop varieties.

Usage: This package contains 2 ounces (56 grams) of Dried Mugwort, which is sufficient for adding the distinct herbal character to a couple of standard 5 gallon homebrew batches.

The most popular styles of beer where Mugwort is used include Holiday/Christmas, Herbal, Smoked and Belgian, but you can certainly experiment in just any beer style where the herb's distinct flavour is deemed appropriate.

You can add it at the end of the boil just like any other herb, or during maturation for a more pronounced herbal character.

Having Dried Mugwort in your homebrewing inventory is always handy as you can always experiment by mixing it with other spices in order to obtain an entirely unique flavour profile in your next beer.

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