Grapefruit Peel - 1 oz

Grapefruit Peel - 1 oz (28 g)

  • $2.99

With Grapefruit Peel, you’ll be able to add that juicy citrus kick to your next brew.

Whether flavouring a wheat ale or adding zesty character to a hoppy pale ale or IPA, using Grapefruit Peel is always fun.

You’ll need just a small amount of it to get a noticeable fruity and citrusy aroma in your beer, and with an entire 1 ounce (28 grams) pack for 5 gallons of beer, you’ll be able to brew a real grapefruit bomb.

This is a must-have spice for brewing summer beers, as the distinct tangy taste and aroma will make the brew refreshing and exciting.

Description: Grapefruit Peel is commonly added during the boil, like most spices, at the later stages for a more pronounced aroma contribution. However, many homebrewers have experimented by adding this spice at different stages of mashing, boiling, and fermentation with different results.

Defined by a distinct citrus, tangy, fruity, and bittersweet flavour, which can actually contribute to the beer's bitterness depending on the stage its added. It is a splendid spicing agent, which works best for refreshing summer ales and wheat beers, but can certainly be used in a broad range of styles with exciting results.

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