Cardamom Seed - 1 oz

Cardamom Seed - 1 oz (28 g)

  • $6.29

Cardamom Seed is the kind of spice that will deliver a very pronounced and distinct flavour even when used sparingly in a brew.

Best described as a “spicy cola” with certain hints of citrus fruits, Cardamom is a trendy spice found in various traditional cuisines all over the globe.

It is the third most expensive spice globally, topped by vanilla and saffron. Still, it is a widely used condiment, with many breweries using it extensively for a wide variety of commercial beers.

Usage: With 1 ounce (28 grams) of Cardamom Seed you will have enough of the spice to add its distinct flavour to several 5 gallon batches.

It should be used sparingly, as even a couple of seeds will deliver a very distinct spicy flavour to your brew. And if you want to extract an even more pronounced hint of Cardamom, crush the seeds before adding them to the final stages of the boil.

Cardamom Seeds are commonly used for adding a spicy twist to porters, stouts and Belgian ales, however you can certainly experiment by adding the spice to just any beer style with exciting results.

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