Pony Pump

Taprite Pony Pump #PP501

  • $59.29

Introducing the versatile pump that fits any American-style single-valve keg, making it incredibly convenient to bring along to your next gathering. With its user-friendly design, this pump allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages on the go.

The pump features a stationary probe, ensuring a secure connection to the keg. The no-spritz seal minimizes any mess or splashing during operation, guaranteeing a clean and enjoyable pouring experience.

Equipped with a pressure release vent, this pump helps eliminate foaming and releases built-up pressure when removing it from the keg. This feature ensures a smooth and controlled dispensing process.

When it's time for cleaning, the pump easily disassembles, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and thorough cleaning. Keeping your pump clean ensures consistent performance and a hygienic beverage dispensing experience.


  • Plastic
  • 24" hose with picnic faucet
  • Fits All Sanke "D" Style Kegs

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