Kegland Gas Free Ball Lock Line Cleaning Kit - PCO 1881

  • $19.49

This Line Cleaning Kit is crafted from Polyketone Plastic and is ideal for quickly cleaning your lines without the need for gas. Simply fill a PET bottle with your preferred cleaner/sanitizer, attach a ball lock disconnect, and start pumping! It is specifically designed to be compatible with PCO1881 bottles, making the cleaning process of beverage lines attached to ball lock disconnects simple and effortless.

Alternatively, it can also function as a portable mini party keg without requiring a gas source. Just attach a ball lock beverage disconnect and a picnic tap assembly.

Please note: If you decide to use this product as a portable mini keg dispenser, it is recommended to consume your beverage within 24 hours of pumping, as the pump will expose your beer to oxygen.

Comes with:

  • FermZilla Plastic Carbonation Cap Tee - PCO1881
  • Yellow Plastic Hand Pump - PCO1881
  • FermZilla 1/4" (6.35mm) Duotight Plastic Carbonation Ball Lock Cap
  • 1' 1/4" ID (6.35mm) X 3/8" OD (9.5mm)Plastic Tubing


  • Polyketone Plastic
  • PCO 1881 Connections

Product Code: KL20220

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