Toasted Oak Sticks - American Light

Toasted Oak Sticks - American Light

  • $14.49

With the American Light Toasted Oak Sticks, lending a refined barrel-aged character to your beer is as simple as it gets.

Just add the sticks to the secondary fermenter after racking the beer off the yeast and let them sit for at least a couple of weeks. As a result you will discover a whole new range of complex flavours in your homebrew, including wood, vanilla and white fruit.

This is the simplest and most efficient way to get the characteristic barrel-aged feel to a stout or porter, but you can certainly experiment by adding the sticks to just any type of beer for exciting results.

Usage: These American Light Toasted Oak Sticks have been sourced from an actual American oak barrel, which is typically used for aging wine, brandy, whiskey and bourbon.

The dimensions allow the sticks to be used in most fermentation buckets and carboys for obtaining maximum contact surface area. When compared to oak chips and cubes, the sticks may require longer contact period to lend the distinct oak flavours, but this way you gain finer control over the desired oak flavours.

Best suited for high gravity beers that require longer maturation periods, these sticks however can add a layer of complexity to just any beer style.

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