Oak Chips - French Medium Toast

Oak Chips - French Medium Toast - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $3.49

Make your brews more complex and sophisticated with French Medium Toast Oak Chips. These chips were sourced from French oak wood barrels, typically used to mature wine and spirits.

This particular type of oak chips contributes nutty, slightly toast, sweet and smooth vanilla flavours to the beer, which can be a great addition to an Imperial Stout, Porter, Scotch Ale or any other beer style you feel appropriate. Thanks to these oak chips, obtaining a complex barrel-aged flavour profile in a homebrew beer is quite easy.

Description: In contrast to actual French oak barrels, that are hard to source, quite expensive, and cater to large scale brewing volumes, with French Medium Toast Oak Chips you can obtain the refined barrel character in a batch of any size at a really low price.

Just add the chips into the secondary fermenter for maturation and hold the beer for a period of days or weeks depending on how pronounced the oak flavour should be.

This is much simpler and quicker than aging the beer in an actual oak barrel, while the risk of contamination is much lower, since the chips are heat treated before packaging.
Features: Comes in a resealable 2 ounce package.

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