Toasted Oak Chips - American Medium

Oak Chips - American Medium Toast - 2 oz (56 g)

  • $3.49

Toasted Oak is used in wine-making to simulate the flavours acquired by ageing your wine in an oak barrel. It’s time to take your next Imperial Stout or Barleywine to a whole new level of refinement and complexity with Medium American Toast Oak Chips.

Described as having hints of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and burnt wood, these chips will lend the distinct American oak flavours to your beer, which are. These chips are from an actual oak barrel. They provide a simple and affordable alternative to full-scale barrel ageing, which can be rather costly and may require a longer time for the flavours to exhibit themselves in a brew.

Moreover, you can use American Medium Toast Oak Chips for ageing mead, wine, cider or even whiskey – the choice is yours.

Usage: Using the American Medium Toast Oak Chips is plain and simple.

You can put them in a muslin bag and add it to the secondary fermenter after the initial vigorous stage has passed, for a prolonged maturation. Or you can soak the chips in whiskey, rum, tequila or any other hard liquor of your choice, to infuse your beer with a distinct character of barrel-aged alcohol.

In contrast to oak cubes and sticks, the chips have a much larger surface area, thus allowing for the flavours to find their way into the beer over a shorter period of time. A great way to enhance high gravity beers such as Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Old Ales and Belgian Strong Ales, these chips can be used in a broad range of styles where a distinct barrel character is deemed necessary.

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