Natural Passion Fruit Flavour Extract

All Natural Passion Fruit Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $8.69

Passion fruit is no stranger to the world of beer brewing as it is a common descriptor for many modern fruit-forward hop varieties that craft brewers all over the globe are so crazy about.

And it’s not that surprising since the fruit itself wields a delightful flavour and aroma that seems to be a natural fit for a pint of refreshing Pale Ale, IPA, or Witbier. Many commercial breweries have excellent examples of beers brewed with actual fruits, but sourcing those can prove to be a challenge in some areas.

Besides, brewing beers with fruits also poses certain technical challenges that require experience and skill to tackle and get an excellent tasting beer.

Usage: There is a much simpler way of imbuing your beer with the rich flavour of passion fruit.

With Brewer’s Best All Natural Passion Fruit Flavouring you will be able to get the distinct taste and smell of this tropical fruit without needing to source it, or process it in a particular way to get decent results.

Just add the contents of the bottle to a standard 5 gallon batch of beer while bottling and you will get a really pleasant flavour of passion fruit with no risk of contamination or by-products, which are common when brewing with actual fruits.

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