Natural Maple Flavour Extract (4oz)

All Natural Maple Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $10.99

Maple syrup is an excellent ingredient that delivers a whole package of flavours that will work really well in certain beer styles, especially the more full-bodied Imperial Stouts and Barleywines.

However, with its staggering sugar content, using ordinary maple syrup in your homebrew will seriously affect the overall gravity and, respectively, the final alcohol content of the beer.

If what you’re aiming for is strictly maple syrup flavour and aroma, then using an all natural flavouring is certainly the best option to go with.

Usage: Add a distinct touch of rich maple syrup to your next homebrew batch with the Brewer’s Best All Natural Maple Flavouring.

Made out of all-natural flavour ingredients, this delivers the trademark flavour of everyone’s favourite syrup without the added sugar content.

A single bottle contains enough flavouring to imbue a single 5 gallon batch of beer with a rich maple syrup flavour.

Add it to an Imperial Stout, Sweet Stout, Barleywine, Blonde Ale, or use as a flavour agent in a mead, cider, or even wine. The possibilities are endless and it’s up to you to decide what drink goes well with a touch of maple syrup flavour.

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