Natural Lime Flavour Extract

All Natural Lime Flavouring - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

  • $6.99

When you need an extra kick of freshness and tartness, lime is always an excellent ingredient that will add a refreshing twist to any drink or food. And lime is no stranger to beer, as some hop varieties feature a distinct and pronounced lime character that makes them a popular choice when brewing refreshing Pale Ales, IPAs, Wheat Beers, Blondes, and Saisons.

However, even the freshest hops can't deliver the lime character needed in some recipes. So for brews like these having a lime flavouring in your brewing inventory is always a good idea.

Usage: Brewer's Best All Natural Lime Flavouring delivers a distinct lime flavour that is indistinguishable from that of actual fruits.

But unlike the fruits, the extract allows you to imbue the beer with a fresh lime character in a controlled manner free of unwanted by-products that may exhibit themselves when using fruits.

The bottle contains enough extract to impart a strong lime flavour to a standard 5 gallon homebrew batch, or to be used according to taste for flavouring all types of homemade drinks, including wine, cider, mead, or soda.

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